Protocollo covid




Meeting at the starting zone:  

All athletes will be required to sanitize their hands and to allow their temperature to be taken before getting on the bus which will take them to the starting zone. If you temperature is higher than 37.5° celsius, you will not be allowed to participate in the half marathon. Entrances and exits will be differentiated, well defined and signaled.

Starting: different groups will start at different time following Fidal protocols. 25 starts with 80 participants each are planned.

Security fences will be positioned to separate runners from judges, crew etc. Changing rooms, showers, deposits: changing rooms and deposits will not be available; but toilets will be available with hand sanitizers which will be used prior entering the toilets. Entrance will be allowed only wearing a mask.


1 Access to the corridor max 1 meter with crew checking if you are wearing a mask and will sanitize your hands.
2 Access only with your own glass, other bottles or glasses will not be found there.
3 AreaA Liquids: Dispensers and sealed tanks will be available for drinks. Runners can take a drink through the dispenser. A crew member will then sanitize the dispenser. AreaB Food: personnel will administer with gloves or tongs the food chosen by the runner placed behind a glass wall or distanced 2 meters.
4 Runners will then walk to the resting area where he/she will be allowed to take the mask off and have his food/drink. The runner will then wear the mask again and exit the lunch area.
5 The runner will be allowed to take the mask off once in the open and distanced from other runners.

Award Ceremony: The first 5 male athletes and the first 5 female athletes will be awarded. When called (if the final placement will be ready by 10:45), the athletes will have to present themselves wearing a mask in the designed area. Five stations will be organized with the prize already in place.

The awards for each category will be held another day which will be announced to the winners on the day of the race. It is mandatory to use a mask at all times.

Ambulances with Red Cross personnel and doctors will be available.


Example: starting line of 6 meters (1 meter distance from the audience/crew)
Garbage bin for used masks
Ground signs
Start time “0” with a chip measurement on the starting line

Documents required for moving

Autorizzazione Spostamenti-21K.pdf

Dichiarazione COVID.pdf

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