Carini: “I would like to thank the government for recognizing the problem of discrimination”.

Fabio Carini, president of Apd Miramar, the sport club organizing the Trieste Running Festival, replies to the controversy caused by the decision not to invite African Top runners through their Italian managers in Trieste 24 Half Marathon to be held on 5 May 2019.

I have raised an issue that exists – said Carini – and for hypocrisy it has often been ignored by running event organizers i.e. the exploitation of African athletes: managers who greedily feed off these runners”.

“I recognize the fact that we should have raised the problem in a different way and time and this is what we will do. I am sorry for the reactions that this decision has caused and I apologize with those who have honestly felt offended, but I certainly do not agree with the political manipulations”.

“For this reason I would like to announce that, after launching a provocation that hit the nerve, drawing great attention to a fundamental ethical issue, contrary to what was communicated yesterday, we will also invite African athletes, as we have already done with European runners, working with those managers that are able to guarantee and certify a transparent and traceable behaviour ”.

“Trieste’s half marathon – said Carini – is open to everybody, and I understand that exclusion is not the right way to face this issue. I will certainly continue my battle against exploitation, that I consider unacceptable and scandalous. I would like to thank the members of the Government who have recognized the existence of this issue”.