3. Trieste Running Festival, 10thousand on the start line

From 2 to 5 May the Generali Miramar Young, Trieste 24 Half Marathon and the Generali Miramar Family will take place.

Trieste, 26 April 2019- The third edition of the Trieste Running Festival, organized by Apd Miramar to be held in Friuli Venezia Giulia chief town from 2 to 5 May will feature a poker of values that can be summarized as follows: [email protected]@[email protected]

The young will kick off the Generali Miramar Family running event, on Thursday 2 May, with 2thousand baby runners that will crowd into piazza Unità d’Italia. The most important day will be Sunday 5 May, with the Generali Miramar Family, the great non competitive race from Miramare, and Trieste 24 Halfmarathon, that confirms its start in Aurisina, after the success of the course set last year. Both races will finish in the beautiful Piazza Unità d’Italia.

The Generali Miramar Family this year will show its Fun version with music and entertainment along the 7-kilometre-long course you can complete either running or walking.

The half-marathon will feature athletes from all over the world, ready to enjoy the breathtaking views of one of the most scenic half-marathons ever.

On 2 May at 4pm, the doors of Casa Miramar will open. It is the reference point for subscriptions and race pack collection inside the Regional Palace, Sala Colonne, until 8pm on Saturday 4 May. Friday 3 will be entirely dedicated to registration, many large organized groups have already signed up. Saturday 4 will be dedicated to sport fringe events and to top runners presentations.

GENERALI MIRAMAR YOUNG – Two thousand kids running, on a day dedicated to sport and fun for all. The Generali Miramar Young, the free event that opens the Trieste Running Festival, will be organized for the first time in the name of Generali, the same as the Miramar Family. Organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Trieste, it will take place on Thursday 2 May from 10am, in piazza Unità d’Italia. In case of bad weather, the race will be postponed to the following day. Registrations have run out in a few weeks, because whole classes have entered for the race.

All kids will receive a kit that includes a Generali sack, official t-shirt and bib, while a medal will be given to all at the finish line. No ranking list but at the end of each race, the first will receive the medal on the podium.

The t-shirt’s colour is red and bears again the name of Martin Richard, the 8-year-old boy who was killed during the terrorist attack at Boston Marathon while he was waiting for his dad at the finish line.

At 10am the youngest group of children will run for 50 metres, the distance will then increase up to 400 metres according to the age group.

GENERALI MIRAMAR FAMILY – the motto is “have fun”! This year the traditional non-competitive proposes a Fun course enabling participants to enjoy the party and cross the finish line having fun. Along the course, runners will listen to the music played by the band “4 Pampels & friends”, directly from Muggia summer Carnival, with a regenerating rock from the 70s to the present day, and Gabriele Grieco, the young Triestine musician who has recently triumphed in the TV programme La Corrida. A special area will be set up for him near the Miela Theatre. Many surprises await you near Piazzale 11 September, with shows, entertainment and games.

This year the official t-shirt colour is red. The maximum number of participants is 6thousand and entrants are already over 2thousand, but as usual participants will register in the days before the race. Special fees are reserved for families.

Uolter and Maxino, from Trieste – Two special guests will participate in the Generali Miramar Family, they are Uolter-Flavio Furian and Maxino, after the great success of Macete, on Telequattro and on the web, and the book dedicated to the Boba de Borgo with record sales. They will walk along with participants from Miramare to piazza Unità d’Italia and perform hilarious skits.

Large Groups – There are many large groups taking part in the Generali Miramar Family, associations, sport clubs, groups of friends, colleagues, alliances spontaneously created for the occasion, often with the aim of conveying a message of solidarity along the course.

Those who signed up by 15 April have been able to get a personalized bib bearing the name or motto of the group. The largest group formed by the Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata of Trieste, consists of 450 participants.

Among the many groups participating in the event are 145 entrants for FIALS Trieste, 135 Unicredit and Insiel, 116 Fitness4Children, 112 Furia Rossa, 104 Flex, 73 OGS, same number for AMPS, Association separated Moms and Dads FVG Onlus, 65 AIL, 29 grandparents of Ieralla Home for the elderly, including staff, relatives and friends. There will also be the team Help Zimbabwe, CUS Trieste and Nazario Sauro school as well as a large group from Florence.

Furia Rossa, Duino Aurisina with Alessio – The Generali Miramar Family will play host to Furia Rossa, an alliance born from the desire of some associations of Duino Aurisina Municipality to remember Alessio Rotta, the young boy who died falling from the cliffs on Rilke path in March.

Trieste in movement, health above all – The Azienda Sanitaria Universitaria Integrata di Trieste (NHS) with its historical partners (LILT – Lega Italiana per la Lotta ai Tumori -, Benessere ASDC, Sweet Heart – Dolce Cuore), will bring over 450 runners to the Generali Miramar Family on 5 May. Risk factors such as hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, smoke and inactivity are responsible for over 90% of heart attacks. If a person has more than one risk factor the likelihood of a heart disease increases considerably. Therefore the advice is to do as much exercise as possible: come and join us at the Generali Miramar Family 2019.

Enrico’s strength – The Generali Miramar Family will welcome Enrico Ambrosetti, the young Triestine basketball player, 16 years old, after being diagnosed bone cancer he underwent several operations and eventually had a leg amputated. But owing to his incredible determination, he will be at the start at Miramare with a cutting-edge prosthetic leg specially created for him.

TRIESTE 24 HALFMARATHON – The half marathon is now 24 years old and the course set last year is confirmed: from the heart of Aurisina up to piazza Unità d’Italia, running along the Coastal road; the stretch that runners, coming from all over the world, appreciate most.

1390 runners have already signed up and include participants from 28 countries worldwide. First of all from Austria and Hungary, but also from Australia, Japan, South America, Brazil and United States.

The official t-shirt this year is orange fluo. The pictures of the race day will be on sale online at www.picatechnology.it, just type in the code printed on your bib.

Top runner from half of Europe – Among the women, two European champions will battle it out. First time in an Italian marathon for Belarusian Mazuronak, who won the European Games Marathon in 2018, clinching the gold medal along Berlin roads thanks to a performance characterized by an incredible will power. During the entire first part of the race she suffered from nosebleed and the pictures that show her blood-stained face have travelled the world. Among the most important results of her career there is a fourth place at London Marathon in 2016, where she set her personal best with a time of 2h23’54”, and her fifth place at Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

Anna Incerti, European champion in Barcelona 2010 will be in Trieste again, three times at the Olympic Games and first to cross the finish line of the Trieste Half Marathon in 2014.

Among the men, the winner of the half marathon at 2017 Trieste Running Festival, Sweden’s Fredrik Uhrbom, will be running the half again and will try to replicate his success. Among the top runners also Slovenia’s talented athlete Rok Puhar, who on the course from Aurisina to piazza Unità d’Italia will aim at improving his personal best (65:47). One of the top Italian athletes awaited in Trieste, is Olympic runner Stefano La Rosa but the list is going to grow over the next days.

Rita, she’s number 1– Rita Giancristofaro, born in Abruzzo but Triestine by adoption, has chosen Trieste 24 Halfmarathon for her official return to racing. On 14 August she was driving along Ponte Morandi and her car was swallowed by the void when the bridge collapsed in Genoa. She was pulled out from the rubbles and after a coma and several operations, a long rehabilitation started. But Rita does not give up; she is determined to start running again. And she’ll do it in her city. “For months, just the thought of crossing the finish line has made my eyes fill with tears” she said.

SPONSOR– The main partner of the Trieste Running Festival 2019 is Generali. This year they are also sponsor of the Miramar Young in addition to the Miramar Family. Collaboration with AcegasApsAmga has also been confirmed; they will support an event that promotes a reduction in the use of plastic. All cups at drink stations will be made of biomaterials that can be disposed of in the organic waste bin. For the first time next to Trf, there will be Despar supermarket, that has recently opened a shop in piazza Unità d’Italia and will supply all drink stations. 2019 official car will be offered by Gruffo Ferri

FRINGE EVENTS – Rowing, fitness, orienteering and tennis. This year again many sport side events have been included in the Trieste Running Festival.

There are over 100 participants in the historic rowing race Ezio Ciriello Trophy Without Borders, Saturday 4 May at 10am, with start in the San Giusto Basin, organized by the FIC Committee Friuli Venezia Giulia.

On Saturday 4 May, meeting time at 3pm in Piazza Cavana and start at 4pm, the third edition of OriCitàVecia, orienteering organized by the CAI XXX OTTOBRE Group and Orienteering Trieste, open to all age groups. Info on www.or30ottobre.it.

From 2pm to 5pm piazza Unità d’ Italia will play host to demonstrations organized by different sport clubs: the Tennis Club Triestino, with their staff will promote their Summer Camp TCT, that welcomes many young students in Padriciano. Training advice for everybody will be offered by CrossFit Audace Trieste, with certified instructors. Music and choreographies set up by Fitness4Children will present this year’s charity event.

REGISTRATION: WHERE, HOW, WHEN – For the Generali Miramar Family and for the Trieste 24 Halfmarathon registration is still open online, www.triesterunningfestival.com.

You can also sign up at the info point of the Il Giulia shopping centre (Via Giulia 75/3), every day from 10am to 7.30pm, and at the Wind shop in piazza Unità d’Italia 6, from Monday to Saturday, from 9 to 1pm and from 3.30pm to 7.30, at the corner inside.

From 2 May you can sign up (and collect race packs) only at Casa Miramar, Sala Colonne, Regional Palace in piazza Unità d’Italia, with entrance along the Rive, Thursday 2 May from 4pm to 8pm (Family only), Friday and Saturday from 10am to 7pm also for the Trieste Half Marathon.

WEB AND SOCIAL- Events will be followed live on the official site and social networks, www.triesterunningfestival.com, Facebook, Instagram and Youtube Trieste Running Festival.